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As an association, we are dedicated to the quality assurance of noise calculation software.
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About A-QNS

The aim of our association is the quality assurance of software for noise calculation. Our main activities here are the testing and certification of the implementation of calculation procedures in software by an external testing body.

This is done by normatively defined test tasks. Members of our association are persons, companies or institutes with noise immission control as their main focus of activity.

Certification & Calculation Process

The A-QNS certification is carried out by an inspection body. This is independent and not a member of an association. Test tasks are defined in the DIN 45687 and ISO 17534 standards, among others. Through the test report created during certification and the reference to the corresponding test tasks, every software user has the possibility to check the correctness of the A-QNS certificate himself by recalculation.
The combination of the manufacturer's own declaration, external certification via the A-QNS association and the possibility of recalculation by the software users results in a transparent and solid quality assurance framework.


Verband zur Förderung der Qualitätssicherung von Software zur Berechnung von Schall e.V.
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